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let them talk car glasses



August 5th, 2010


damaged goods <hughlover4eva>
Had a really nice day out in Shrewsbury today, we took the Harlescott P&R, so much easier than battleing your way through town centre traffic to find parking, wasn't exactly looking foreward to the first part of the day, hubby had a dentist appointment but all ok for him, mines next month :(
Decided i was going to spend some money on new clothes so off to one of my fav.shops M&S, found hubby a seat, left him reading a magazine then i could browse at leisure !
Bought myself a nice pair of black trouser and a black and red jacket.
Took a few photos, my favourite sweety shop Thorntons, one of the lovely black and white building down one of the many little side streets of old Shrewsbury, The Quarry, getting ready for the annual flower show this weekend. The Darwin and Pride Hill shopping centres.

Entertaining the shoppers were musicians from Peru playing Pan Pipes, i could listen all day ! just love the sound they produce.

I need lessons on how to record images !!


I think this is just lovely.


August 1st, 2010

I needed to buy myself a new outfit of some sort for a party, i have some nice clothes suitable for a party but just wanted to treat myself, so for the first time in lots of weeks i went shopping alone, Clive and i have been together constantly since his stroke, i just didn't want to be far away from him !
Then my sis. pointed out that maybe he would like some 'him' time to do his thing to, he said go shopping get yourself some lunch out, i am going to cook myself a pizza for mine ! i enjoyed.

I bought a nice black and white two piece summery top and skirt.
We went to our friends 80th party yesterday, held in our village hall and all put together by her, also friends of ours, sons and daughter, we had a lovely time, good food,fun,friendship and family.. just wonderful.

We sung the usual happy birthday song before she cut her cake.

July 23rd, 2010

Fruit and Veg.

let them talk car glasses
Despite the fact we have lost the settled weather, getting heavy downpours, it hasn't stopped us from getting out into the garden, the weeds are doing splendidly ! probably bad grammer but idk !
He does the grass mowing, luckily we have a ride-on so it's easier for him, and i am in charge of the strimmer due to hubby's balance issues at present, what fun ! goggles over glasses is not good, steaming up is a problem, although better to be safe than sorry i guess.
Our potato crop is doing really well, we picked a root yesterday.

We picked the blackcurrants too, those i spread out on trays to freeze until the cooking apples are ready, we love blackcurrants and apple together.

The Water Lillies are flowering now, adding more colour to the pond.

One of our fish we named marilyn, because it has bright red lips ! i know sad isn't it :) !


July 17th, 2010

We were on our way to visit my Sister in Wrexham, decided to seek out an eating place enroute,So difficult changing eating habits of a lifetime, we are really trying !
At home lots of veggies and salad, healthy eating according to the lovely Stroke councellor, she's right we know that.
Today we didn't, Chicken Curry with rice and chips with Naan for me and ham and eggs for hubby ! we will be good tomorrow !!

July 1st, 2010

He is doing so well,the walking is much improved, eating, speaking and memory are all normal.
Today is a day at home, things are different, it's hard to explain, the man i know and love is still there but, for instance, i now do all the driving because he cannot, the DVLC say so, his license is suspended until he is tested again and is able to be safely in control of a car, which is right, he knows that, but i realise how sad that makes him, he had a license for all HGV vehicles which he has lost forever.
I have been so lucky, i like driving within my comfort zone i have always hated motorways and unknown routes, he is now my navigator and is so patient with me, basically he always did the driving in the past now it's my turn to be the one in control.
The upside is, he is at home we spend days in our garden or walking along the lane in the sunshine we have had lately and also enjoy the wonderful wildlife, well just everything we have here.

June 10th, 2010

Yesterday was a better day, now we have information about possible cause and treatment, he is cheerful, the man i know is still there, creating havok and determined to walk better than he can thus far.
He had a very nice little easy chair next to his bed, it has wheels, great for sitting in and using your feet to scoot along the hospital corridor only to be caught by a rather starchy nurse who promptly gave him an ear bashing before returning him and said chair to his ward room :)) Needless to say the chair wasn't there at the next afternoon visiting time having been removed in case he did it again !
He has now been provided with a frame so he can't move as fast, he says it's a bummer ! :)) I come home from visiting with a smile now.
Thanks again everyone for your good wishes.

June 9th, 2010

Thursday was warm and sunny, caravan packed, tractor loaded onto the wagon and hooked up ready for the off to our next rally of the season.
We had a great couple of days with friends and then it happened.
Early on Sunday morning my darling Husband of 43 years had a Stroke, right now the details of all that happened are a blur, just remember thinking thank goodness i have a signal on my mobile ! the Ambulance was there within five minutes, he was in hospital in ten.
So much happened after that, so many people offering help with getting his tractor, the wagon and caravan home for him, i will be forever grateful for all the help and support i received on that sunday morning.
Our sons are our rocks right now, just being there, we are comforting and supporting each other.
Monday night, so much better and funny moments too, more to come.

June 2nd, 2010

(no subject)

let them talk car glasses
Back from another Rally, more images i took with my camera, we have so much fun, great friends who share the same interests, we get entertainment in ( what is called) The Beer Tent, usually Saturday nights in the form of a musical group that play mostly sixties, seventies eighties music, you can dance if you want to, depends on how drunk you are :) We love to watch !
Anyway my photos are of military enthusiasts, classic and vintage and American car enthusiasts, the showground and hubbys tractor passion, look out for my Shropshire and Cheshire flags.
Apart from all of the above there were lots of stalls selling anything and everything from food to books to engine parts for anything that moved.

May 14th, 2010

Lots of doom and gloom about the weather as usual before we left ! ( sorry this Brit. thing about weather again ) turned out to be a good week, a little cold but we had plenty of warm clothing and our little caravan is cosy with Calor Gas central heating. It was good fun with good company.
On the Saturday we decided to eat at Wetherspoons in Llandudno, an old theatre called 'The Palladium' it still had the balconies and grand decorations around the walls and ceiling, reminded me of the London Palladium, the home of a great variety show that aired Sunday Nights.

Here are a few short clips from the festival, part of the street parade and part of the road run through beautiful Conway, the showground.

April 21st, 2010

Writer's Block: Too scary!!

let them talk car glasses
Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

Fire ! My infant school had no heating other than a fire in the corner of the room which scared me because i thought the coals were going to fall out and burn the building down.
That was almost sixty years ago, before central heating !
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